Programmable Tokens

Programmable OTP tokens allow customers and users to program their tokens with their own seed or secret data. Basically, programmable tokens are just like the OTP mobile app such as Google Authenticaor or Microsoft Authenticator, and they are often used to replace those OTP mobile apps.

Programmable OTP tokens can be used in any system that supports Google Authenticatior or Microsoft Authenticator, such as Office 365 and Google G-Suite etc.

How it Works

Every one-time password (OTP) token generates different and unique numbers, that is because every token contains a unique piece of code called secret or seed. Most cloud services such as Office 365 generate the user’s secret and provides it as a QR code. Using a programming tool, the user’s secret can be programmed into a programmable hardware token by scanning the QR code. This process is exactly the same as that the user’s secret is installed into the Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator app.

You can program hardware tokens using a Windows PC or laptop with a NFC Smart Card Reader, Android phone with NFC function, or iPhone with NFC function.

Once a hardware token is programmed, it works on its own. It doesn’t connect to your phone or the internet in order to generate one-time passwords.